Back in 2004, HBO and Showtime both had some great exclusive content, particularly in the drama category.

On the Showtime front, one series that captivated me every moment of its short run is Huff. Hank Azaria and Paget Brewster are wonderful, as is the rest of the cast.

Rewatching the series on Crackle makes me realize how much of a shame it is that Showtime doesn’t even list it in its streaming app.

I do wonder if the show’s content, sometimes misogynistic, sometimes violent, often uncomfortable, keeps the network from acknowledging it. While not always easy to watch or agreeable, it feels honest and real, and like where the world was at that time.

Maybe it’s a rights issue, but if there’s any way for Showtime to offer it to their subscribers in the future, or hell, even offer it for purchase on digital content marketplaces like Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video, I sincerely hope they decide to do so.

In the meantime, it’s worth putting up with ads and some quality issues to experience the excellent drama on Crackle.